Gov't- Finish Legislative branch, Voting in Congress wkst
9th- GIS 3 &4 due 11/2
8th- Create a island outline, Pigskin 9 due 11/7

Govt- Icivics.org sign up, two lessons
9th- GIS #1&2 due 10/27
8th- Ch 2 Packet due, Pigskin week 8-10/30

Gov't- The Legislative Branch (intro)
9th- Present Plans
8th- Step 1 Island, Week 7 Pigskin

Gov't- Founders of the Constitution
9th- Corporate Store Plan
8th- Pigskin Bye Week, Ch 1.2, USA Capitals, Current Event on GC, Physical Features

Govt- Constitution Week 1
9th- MCIS College Days
8th- Physical Features, USA States, Pigskin 5 due 10/9

Govt- Founding Documents discussion, Ch 2.1/2 wkst, Ch 2 quiz??
Social 9- MCIS career week, Google Classroom writing assignment
Social 8- Latitude and Longitude Practice, Quiz, and Pigskin 4 due 10/2

Gov't- Present Island Government, Important founding documents
Social 9- Asia map and Info due, CE for Oceania
Social 8- Pigskin 3, L&L work, Map studies, Continent Quiz

Govt- Ch 1 wkst. Build an island government
Social 9- Create a pigskin, Start SE Asia Slides
Social 8-BBALL Globe, Pigskin 2

Government- Current Event Summer Test, Unit 1 Foundations of American Government
Social 9- CEC Summer Test, Asia/Oceania
Social 8- CEC Summer Test, Memory Map