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Please turn in meeting responses within two weeks of attending a meeting. It is a requirement to attend two meetings before semester break (holiday vacation). If you put this off, you will find out when other towns are holding meetings and attend one for credit.

St. Cloud City Council

Fargo School Board (YouTube)

Mock court as the prosecution finishes their closing arguments.


A collage of mailings students and parents received during the last weeks of 2014 election.

2014-2015 Student Council Election


Student council election posters 2013-2014



On Friday, November 22, 2013, the Rosholt Sr. Class attended a non-partisan cracker-barrel in Groton. The event was sponsored by Groton's "The Next Generation" group. Students viewed a short video and were introduced to the keynote speaker, former South Dakota Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Sandlin's speech chronicled her education from high school in Groton to her collegiate experience at Georgetown. She also spoke of her unsuccessful and successful political races. Her main message to the high school seniors was anyone from any where can make a difference, all of us need to pay attention to the world around us, and you need to find your passion in life. After the speech concluded, students participated in short break out sessions where they debated issues such as the farm bill, governmental spending, drinking age, and gun control with students from other schools.


(Above) State Senator Jason Frerichs talks politics with the senior class. 12/2012

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