Parkers Prairie Schools 2016 Deer ContestsOpen to all Parkers Prairie student hunters in grades 5-12 to promote hunting and youth involvement in the outdoors. Functional participation prizes up to a Trail Cam for the Grand Prize.
Big Buck Contest Those applying will submit a digital picture to and an official antler score based on B & C measured by themselves and second from a panel of senior high boys to verify the top 3 self scored antlers. The deer must be legally taken by the student submitting the picture and score sheet. The deer score and pictures will be accepted until 11/22 and be displayed until 12/16

Photo Contest Two categories: 1) Scenery and 2) Hunter w/Game: pictures to be judged on quality and contents. Pictures will be submitted digitally to Only one picture per hunter. Photos must be taken from the 2016 MN rifle deer hunt November 11/6 to 11/20. Pictures will be accepted until 11/22 and be displayed until 12/16. Photos will not be returned and winners may be published in the PP Independent.
Writing Contest Students will create stories that can be anything hunting; from yearly preparations, to deer camp fun, to the actual hunt story. Typed entries will be judged upon storytelling ability for two grade divisions (5-8) and (9-12). Submissions will have 400 to 1250 words and be submitted by 11/21 to the judges. Winners and runners-up will be published in the PP Independent.
Sponsored by the Parkers Prairie Sportsmans Club, Prairie to Woods QDMA, and Hosted Hunts, Inc.

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Hosted Hunts
Hosted Hunts

All submissions must made prior to the posted due dates with digital and paper copies
to be eligible for prizes to either Mr. Denny,Mr. Duberowski, Mr. Grieger, or Mr. Wagner..