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Classroom Rules

In order to be successful in this class, I must:
Work- Doing what I am supposed to be doing and bringing the materials I need to bring. (Homework/textbook/notebook/pen or pencil/ folder/colored pencils)
Respect- Treating other people the way I want to be treated; treating the property of others the way I want other people to treat my property.
Belong- Being where I am supposed to be, being there on time (in my desk when the bell rings; not running in the door or down the aisles) and participating in class.
Other Classroom Policies
1. It is recommended that textbooks be covered at all times. Occasionally, extra credit points will be awarded to those with covered textbooks.
2. All handouts are to be stored in a folder/notebook and not stuffed into the textbook.
3. Absences- It is the student’s responsibility to get their assignments from the instructor.
4. Unexcused absences- a zero will be given for any test, quiz, or assignment that was missed.
5. Note-taking- students are required to take notes during all class presentations as a means of preparing for the chapter tests and for a quarter/semester grade.
6. The Parkers Prairie High School policy on cheating will be strictly enforced.
7. Any plagiarism will result in a zero on the given assignment. Second offense is a U for the semester.
8. During all class periods, hands must remain on the top of your desk at all times.
9. All rules and policies may be modified at any time by the instructor.
10. Please ask or come in for help, I get to school by 7:30 a.m. for you.
11. You will have four (4) bathroom/hall passes for the quarter, for any unused extra points will be awarded.
12. Nap time was in kindergarten, you will be rudely awakened if sleeping.
13. Phones are to be in their upright and locked position at all times, unless being used in an educational manner. Failure to do so results in forfeiture of the battery for the remainder of the school day.
100-94% A
93-86% B
85-78% C
77-70% D
69-0% U
Course Evaluation
1. Will always be announced in advance.
2. Students missing class the day before a test because of a school related activity will be expected to take the test on the day it is given
3. Students present in school for part of the day will take the test the following day.
4. Tests will not be administered prior to the scheduled date.
5. Alternative tests may be given to those who habitually do not take the test on the scheduled date.
6. Make-up tests will be taken and completed before or after school before the next chapter test. A zero will be given for not making up tests in a timely fashion. Example: must take Chapter 1 test before Chapter 2 is given.
1. May be announced or may be of the surprise variety.
2. Missed quizzes will not be made up; the test grade for the particular chapter will determine the quiz grade.
1. The purpose of homework is to teach content, time management, and discipline.
2. Students will do homework on their own and to the best of their ability.
3. Students will turn in work that is neatly done.
4. Students will turn homework on time. All late assignments will result in a zero (0).
*If you miss class, but you are in school when an assignment is due, you will be expected to turn it on that day.
5. Students are responsible for making up homework assignments due to absence.
6. A students grade will be reduced if any homework assignment that has not been turned in by the end of the quarter.